Adventure Trip: Case Noyale to Gris Gris – Mauritius

Last week, while being on assignment for a customer, I had to cover a little over 100km on a very long and tiresome circular trip towards the west and south of the island, and on one side it was tedious but on the other side I was happy to visit these places again especially early morning. The assignment was mostly photographic and the initial list was quite lengthy but I decided to split this quest on two different journeys. I started mid land at Vacoas and on my faithful two-wheeler rode towards the west round 7am. The weather was very nice as well and I calculated the timing based on the tide since I had to reach my first trip-stop during low tide!

Vacoas to Case Noyale

The ride was pretty quick since the traffic on a Saturday morning was very light and 25 minutes later I was already at Case Noyale admiring the beautiful scenery. I said it before and I’ll say it again; Case Noyale and this west side is the best place to be at low tide! The view is simply magical and revealing. Spent some time completing my first assignment and 20 minutes later I left towards my second check-point: Macondé.

Case Noyale to Le Morne

On my way to Baie Du Cap, I couldn’t withstand the yet-again very beautiful view through Le Morne village and I even had to turn around and park as the same low tide moment revealed a different scenery of early fishermen preparing their bait for the day and those boats laying on the sand on the other angle of Le Morne mountain was enjoyable.

Le Morne to Baie Du Cap/Macondé

Didn’t spend too much time at Le Morne village and minutes later I was the first one to climb those stairs of Maconde viewpoint for the day. The sun still rising over the bay made the clear water look very turquoise and the sight was just like a piece of art. Somehow, at this height over the stairs up to the triangulation stone, the wind was quite strong, probably the usual I would say, and after unpacking my gears I immediately started with the 2nd exposures of my assignment.

Maconde to Surinam – Rochester Falls

Now that’s a blunt ride! From Macondé towards Surinam, the route is pretty much straight, easy and lengthy, while not offering much scenery as well except at Bel Ombre. From leaving the Baie du Cap/St Martin village at exactly 9am, the trip lasts for 30 minutes to reach the foot of the waterfall at Surinam. The hard part somehow is the small trip from the main road at Surinam towards the waterfall through the uneasy sugar cane road. Very bumpy but not less entertaining.

Surinam to Souillac – Gris Gris

Does this count as hiking? After rough-riding uphill towards the main road and through the Souillac village, the Gris-Gris beach and viewpoint offered a peaceful scenery and at 10:15am the sun was already much high and pleasing. Completed the last assignment task for the day and spent some minutes admiring the work of nature. Gris Gris is much known for its very rough sea and it was no exception. The strong winds brought a refreshing feel and it was already time to move back.

Gris Gris to Vacoas

This remaining trip back home went on lazily through the different southern regions  namely Saint Aubin, Riviere des Anguilles, Britannia, La Flora and finally Curepipe.

The second assignment is hopefully very soon and will cover the east to the north-east.

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