CULTURE: Sugar Cane Harvest 2017 & Old Bedford Trucks

That might sound weird (or not) but am actually a big fan of those old (disappearing) Bedford J6 trucks (camion soulard as some would say) and not to mention…, they are indeed becoming very rare on the roads of Mauritius. I think they are VINTAGE! And what makes me nostalgic about them is the fact that they still form part of the Mauritian heritage during the sugar cane harvest season and seeing them early mornings in the fields collecting the harvest loads to be deposited at the weighing plants and roaming the roads is quite beautiful indeed. Since some recent years, at the start of the sugar cane harvest season, I visit the Mon Desert Alma old factory at Saint Pierre to take pictures of those old lorries more specifically since I wanted to make a certain collection of these and this year isn’t exception.

Last week I woke up very early in the morning and went at the weighing depot of Alma (now Viveo Business Park) for the usual and happily I wasn’t deceived at all. I met quite some regular drivers who eagerly recognized me from last year’s visit and a quick chat was more than welcome. I captured these ‘beauties’ from different angles and an hour or so later I was already back home. Gallery below.

Sugar Cane Harvest – A Bedford Collection – 2017

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