Hiking Corps de Garde Mount-again

Last weekend, out of a head bang, we decided to go hiking at the Corps de Garde mountain. By we, there was me, my sis-in-law and another friend of ours. She was new to hiking and it’s been a month since my last hike at Trois Mamelles mountain (for the 3rd time), and Corps de Garde was like my 5th time. The last time I visited this mountain was a year ago. Since it was also winter season, we decided to attempt only the highest part of the mountain, and not the end of it. Corps de Garde is somewhat a different kind of mountain; the highest part is the middle part, and the end part is somewhat less high than the middle part…so, if you reach only half of the path, you are already at the highest point of the mountain.

We started the hike round 14:40 and went slowly and leisurely following the path at Trefle towards the first platform and apart from the very strong wind, everthing went on very fine with a nice winter sunny weather gorgeously overlooked by a blue sky.

First Platform

Round 15:00 we reached the first platform where we had some rest and took some pictures as well and we were also joined by two other friends at this point. They started the trail after us but reached the first platform before us… what a weird situation! From the first platform the rest of the path takes an easy approach and we carried on the hike to wherever we could reach up to 16:30 since after that it would be time to head back so as not to get down in the dark.

The Highest Part

At 16:25 we reached the middle of the mountain trail and was also at the highest part where we initially aimed. We spent some time to admire the view and take a little rest. At the same time some mild rain started approaching and we decided to move back. The downward hike was much quicker and an hour later we were already back to the starting point.

It was a rather short hike but we still enjoyed every moment of it.

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