Instameet Mauritius – A Day At Ile Des Deux Cocos

Some days back I received an invitation from Lux Resorts via Instagram to be part of a few selected guests on the island of Ile des Deux Cocos, one of their resorts, and the invitation was meant for instagramers only since Lux* was organising its first instameet (Instagramers Meeting), and the first to say in Mauritius as well. Rendez-vous was set at their Jetty in Blue Bay and on arriving there I met with a few other instagramers, some of which I was already following on Instagram. May The Day at Ile des Deux Cocos begin!!

A short presentation was done before taking off to the island. Having only heard about the place before, the first impression of being on the spot was very welcoming. The Island Manager, Mario de L’Estrac, was there in person to greet everyone. We gathered for a short brief about the event and the coming activities of the day. The Lux team presented themselves and we were to introduce ourselves as well. We got to meet and know each others, group shot as well, and proceeded to visit the various places of the immediate surrounding.

Came the time for some recreational activities; beach volley, a fun tug-of-war on the beach, some refreshing drinks of choice, and the next activity was a boat trip in the lagoon of Mahebourg from Blue Bay! It was super fun times and we paused by the Ile Aux Aigrettes Reserve, before ending the boat trip at the famous old shipwreck spot of the Dalblair at Pointe D’Esny.

Back from the boat trip it was already time for lunch. The buffet was very nice and so was the desert which followed. After lunch and a break we visited the Villa of the island, which was the get-away place of one of country’s previous governor: Hesketh Bell. Of course, everything changed since then, and the current mood reflects the current trends.

By the early afternoon we were divided in small groups to participate in a treasure-hunt in which we were given one hint which thereon lead to other hints as we solved the enigmas. The winning team (in which I wasn’t) was prized with two bottles of arranged rum… why not? It was a fun day!

Before leaving the island we gathered for quick tea time, as well as rum tasting. The day ended with a thankful heart at sunset as we left towards the main land. It was a memorable moment, awesome day, made new friends and enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you Lux Resorts and the Lux team!

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