Instameet Mauritius: An Evening at Ile des Deux Cocos & WWIM14

Coming back to the start, and commemorating those good times again, the 4th Edition of the Instameet Mauritius by Lux Resorts was being organized last Saturday (17/09/2016) on the wonderful private little island of Ile des Deux Cocos. Event not to be missed and different from the first one, this time the journey would be in the evening, starting at 12:00pm and go beyond sunset, ending at 10:00pm, according to the plans of course. And on another hand this event also paralleled with the World Wide Insta Meet Event, the WWIM14, with the theme concentrated on Food! Perfect timing! The rendez-vous was set at noon at the departure jetty towards the island: Instameet Mauritius, An evening at Ile des Deux Cocos & WWIM14.

Eager to be there on time, me and my friend Idriss who were to ride together till the meeting point on that day unfortunately met with a minor car accident early on the way and were stalled back by nearly two hours. Reaching much later than expected we missed the presentations and some other things, but arrived just-in for lunch and needless to say how hungry we were! The event for us started with a very nice traditional Mauritian menu, the boiled noodles party! Met with the guys and some new guests of the event and it was already great insta-moments.

The next program after lunch was two parallel boat trips in the lagoon: one towards the nearby islets, namely Ile de la Passe, Ile aux Fouquets, Ilot Vacoas/Vaquois and a little pause at Ile aux Aigrettes for a break or a swim, whichever suits. The second trip was glass-bottom tour in the Blue Bay Marine Park and snorkeling for those interested. Divided in two teams, I chose the islands tour to start with while the other went for glass-bottom and snorkeling session. When back, the teams and tours would be exchanged.

We left towards the little islands in speed boat and the weather was just fabulous; the bluest sky and the most turquoise water ever! The time was around 3:00pm and were already enjoying the trip. After having sight-seen the different islands, we paused at Ile Aux Aigrettes, which by the way is a Natural Reserve and getting on the island without a permit is prohibited, and few of us had a quick swim (I did) while the others stayed around for chats. An hour later we were back to the main island.

Glass-Bottom & Snorkeling in the Blue Bay Marine Park

Had some drinks while waiting for the second trip to the Marine Park of Blue Bay and even though the weather changed a bit with some winds and a lowering in the temperature some of us still maintained the snorkeling activity, me included. After some glass-bottom tour we arrived at the snorkeling spot at 5:00pm and on the go-ahead of the skipper we plunged in the water. Even though a bit cold the underwater scenery was again marvelous and after spending some 30 minutes around we got back to the island jetty at 5:30pm.

It was already around sunset and having freshen up and with some warm clothes on we spent some time among friends chatting, taking pictures and merrying. The sun was already down when we got the news that the other batch who went to the islands trip while we were snorkeling wasn’t back yet from their ride! Unfortunately as to what we came to know, the tide was already too low and they got stuck at sea. After some arrangements, and with a different boat, they finally reached the island round 6:30pm, almost in the dark.

Due to this mishap and delay, some parts of the program had to be skipped. After the ‘survivors’ had all changed back to warm clothes as well, a bonfire was their to greet everyone and gathered around this warmth the night was just starting brilliantly. Dinner was served and at the same time a beautiful full moon was lighting the sky in a pleasant dark blue. After dinner and some desserts, some friendship moment around a few jokes and tease was much welcomed, followed by an open dance floor.

Before leaving the island, Idriss started some steel-wool animation with the brazer of the bonfire and the light game amazed a few. It was around 10h20pm that we bid farewell and regained the main land. It was a great moment to remember and another adventure to cherish.

You can view images of the other participants directly on instagram by clicking here.

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