Lux Belle Mare – Workshop with Lola Berry

After our last instameet at Lux Belle Mare, which was fantastic by the way, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Lola Berry at the resort last Sunday. It was practically a full day event which included the workshop itself, lunch and some free-time at the resort. Lola Berry is an Australian nutritionist and Yoga teacher and is much successful as well on Instagram, and I believe this is her first workshop in Mauritius.

The Workshop

The day started at 9.30am with a meeting with the participants; me, Idriss and Kevin, some others, and Lola Berry of course, at the hotel’s lobby and after a few chats we headed to the ‘Junk Art’ gallery where the workshop took place and everything went on really well with Lola providing her tips as how to ‘behave’ on instagram in response to our audience or what we target as an instagrammer. I really appreciated how interactive the session went and some 30-40 minutes later the session ended. We then headed towards Cafe Lux for a break.

Cafe Lux

The place where happiness is served; great coffee and mouth-watering pastries! The visit started with a presentation of the pastry chef and his realisations, including some photo sessions of table setups with coffee and pastries… and some instragram posts of course!

The Junk Art

Next, since we didn’t have the occasion to snap anything at the Junk Art gallery/workshop, Kevin, Idriss and me, we moved back accompanied by the artist in person – Ruben (unfortunately I didn’t ask for his last name). From the moment I saw this place I was amazed about all the wonderful pieces of art exhibited. This place is actually managed by Ruben himself who creates objects of art from pieces of anything; used cans, cardboards, junks, anything… and to say, he was a true artist and I admired each and every of his creations. We spent quite some talking and taking ¬†pictures!

Back to Cafe Lux

Afterwards the three of us headed back to the Cafe Lux to eat and drink something and we all chose the undeniably awesome cold-drip coffee and some pastries! And since it’s been quite some time that we guys haven’t met it was certainly a nice occasion to catch up with the talkings. An hour later we headed to the main bar before going for lunch at the Duck Laundry restaurant.

Lunch at the Duck Laundry

This nice and cosy chinese restaurant with an amazing setup offers very good food and starters first, paos, vegetable rolls and roasted ducks (of course) were on the menu. Needless to say how delightful these were! The main course followed by fried noodles with vegetables, steamed fish, pork and lamb! By 13:30 a nice chocolate-fondant desert was served and we were already so full and heavy!

Back to the Lobby

With the buddies, we went for a small walk and then back to the lobby to relax a while. It was a nice stressless day afterall and we were enjoying the company. Soon after we went for some ice-cream at ICI after which we spent an hour or so on our own, moving around and checking here and there.

The Tea House

At 15:00, we met at the Tea House for a ‘degustation’ and we were explained lots of stuffs about tea; the 45 minutes tea ceremony, all those different tea combinations and variations, the 300-years old tea tree and of course tasting some three different kinds of tea! I loved this place as well for its nice setup and soothing environment. The Tea House is actually quite new and is next to the SPA area, both meant for relaxation and calmness!

End of the Day

At 16:00 we met again at the main bar for a relaxed chat after which we bid farewell to a nice relaxing day at this great resort! Thank you Lux Belle Mare and thank you friends!

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