Mauritius Astronomical Event: SuperMoon – 14 NOV 2016

The 14th of November 2016 marks an interesting date in Astronomical events both in Mauritius and in other countries as the moon will be closest to the earth and on this date it will be a very bright full moon. Contrary to the last astronomical event of the Annular Eclipse of 1st September, this one will last practically all night and can be observed easily. This full moon event is being referred to as THE SuperMoon of the year. The last time this occurred was back in 1948, and the next time it will also happen is expected to be in 2034… so better not miss it. (Reference)

Mauritius Supermoon - Nov 16

Mauritius Supermoon – Nov 16

Moon phases are visible on a regular cycle and there won’t be much difference with the other occurrences. This one is a tad brighter and larger, but to the regular eye, it appeared almost similar. Probably to regular observers it made a difference, …but to me, it was like other lunar events. I spent some time taking a few pictures and did a timelapse on my GoPro for 3 hours continuous capture. Video and gallery below!

Mauritius Supermoon Gallery

Timelapse of the Mauritius Supermoon Rising

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