Porlwi By Nature

After their first two consecutive years of success, the Porlwi Collective team came up with a different concept this time for their third contemporary art event and the theme for this year was concentrated on Nature. The first edition was Porlwi by Light, the second edition was Porlwi by Light: People, and this third edition is Porlwi by Nature. I very loved the first two events and having spent the previous days at this third event revealed a different approach towards this festival. For sure it was more concentrated towards a Nature & Plants aspect but at the same time combined the light & sound technologies all along. The sites were divided in three main categories; Ilot Citadel, Ilot Grenier and Ilot Caudan, and in between the Bourbon Street and the Waterfront.


I Am Participating

For this year I was kind-of participating in the event in the sense that a few of my nature-inspired pictures were being projected on Bourbon Street and I was happy about it. I attended only two days during the five days festivities and overall I loved this third edition as well, even though I think that some things were missing. For sure, the Ilot Citadel remained my favourite part of the journey.


Waterfront – Opening Ceremony

I attended the opening ceremony on the first day right on the Waterfront and after the speech there would be some projections of local movies or short movies by local artists. I preferred somehow not to sit and watch but instead to visit the other sites, and immediately afterwards moved towards the Granary.


Ilot Grenier

Similar to last year, the Granary was mostly an art expo gallery with creations from different artists. Somehow, this site included the other surrounding places like Aapravasi Ghat and the Military Hospital as well. The path comprised of street-arts, street music and other art galleries all-together.


Bourbon Street

After having spent like 45 minutes wandering through the different spots, I moved inland towards Ilot Citadel through Bourbon Street. This nearly 500 meters long street was another interesting branch during the festival with some gigantic wall arts, street food and artists performances as well. On this first day some street-arts were still work-in-progress but the street foods were seriously appealing. I grabbed a few things to eat and I was delighted.


Ilot Citadel

Further uphill, I reached the Dauphine Street which lead to the Citadel and from there-on the most interesting attractions started the night. For info, the Citadel, also known as Fort Adelaide… is an old colonial fort built during the British occupancy on the island on the hill known as Petite Montagne. It’s main aim was to defend the city and the harbor but was finally never used. Some 40 minutes spent visiting, I loved the solar jar project with comprised of hundreds of solar jars placed all over the Citadel’s floor.


Ilot Caudan

After the Citadel I moved straight back to the waterfront and thereon to Caudan. This place was mostly an artist exhibition area where performers of all sorts were showing their talent related to the theme nature. Strangely I didn’t spend much time here and decided to move back home around 11pm.



The 2nd day I attended the event was mainly for aerial shots and those are combined in the galleries above.

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