Snorkeling at the Blue Bay Marine Park

Have you been to Ile des Deux Cocos? If not, then you are missing a lot and should immediately check out their website and contact them for a booking. This private little island offers a great get-away from the buzz of everyday and a gorgeous relaxation and entertainment moment. This blog post isn’t really about the little island but rather about one of its activities, snorkeling in the Marine Park of Blue Bay.

Found in the South-East, Blue Bay is a very famous public beach. It also houses a magnificent marine park. Normally you can access the Marine Park directly from the public beach, but in my case I was spending the day with family at Ile des Deux Cocos and before lunch time, one of the activities offered was sight-seeing in the glass-bottom boat and for those who like snorkeling they can spend some time in the Marine Park enjoying the company of all sorts of sea creatures.

It was my first time and I was quite eager to experience that. Equipped with my GoPro we were taken to a specific spot where this takes place. The activity is supported by the appropriate swimming equipment like palms, googles and breathing pipes… all available from the little island… so no worry about that. If one is not at ease with swimming, I wouldn’t recommend snorkeling there as the depth of the water is at least 3 meters. Somehow, for those who still want to take the risk, one or two lifebuoy is available on the boat.

Descending from the boat into the water you are rather much immediately surrounded by small fishes in white and black strips. It seems they are curious to know who is visiting them. You can roam around within a certain distance and discover more of the underwater world and I even spotted a few baracudas and trumpet fish. Not so sure but it seems there are also some rays at the sea floor. The skipper mentioned there is no need to be afraid as these animals mean no harm.

If you dare, you can also ask for a piece of bread from the skipper which you can bring with you in the water, and of course you will see how hungry those little fishes are. They practically obstruct your view feeding from your hand. They don’t bite certainly but you can feel some tucking on your palm as they snatch the pieces.

After some 20-30 minutes spent admiring the ‘deep’ blue, we are taken back ashore for lunch. For sure, the marine park offers very interesting views of the sealife and and very nice adventure experience as well. Be sure to try this at least once if you can swim!!

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