10th Classic Tour of Mauritius

Last Weekend, on Saturday the 5th of November, I attended a classic/vintage car show in Curepipe, more precisely in the parking of the Royal College. Saw the event being advertised on ‘Vintage Mauritius‘ and decided to have a stroll. There were around 20-25 classic cars, all of different ages and look and since I love vintage cars I spent all the time appreciating these beauties, by sight and through the lens. The 10th edition of the Classic Tour of Mauritius.

Out of these bunch, I must admit that two cars caught my heart; a Jaguar & a VW Beetle still in original state. I would love one day to possess something similar… let’s not stop dreaming.

Jaguar E Type Gallery

Classic VW Beetle

And The Other Vintage Cars

I didn’t stay till the end of the show since I had other things to do nor did I attend the next day’s show to be held in Port Louis, but I heard the owners say there would be a different batch for the next day…

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