Astrophotography at Baie du Cap/Macondé Mauritius

Some days back, since we were already in summer in Mauritius, I wanted to try some more Astrophotography and the choice ended up to find a suitable place to start with. I left home and headed towards Mare Aux Vacoas to attempt something else from the last time I went there, but on the spot there were too much clouds and had to move out. I headed towards Bassin Blanc and again the clouds weren’t in my favor.

I ended up at Baie du Cap and Macondé and had no choice to deal with what I had since I was already out and had to do something. Got my stuffs ready and started taking a few pictures as from 10pm and ended round 1am. Not too satisfied with what I obtained but nevertheless it was a nice experience. Gallery below.

Astrophotography at Baie du Cap

This night, I also noticed quite some fishermen very active in these very dark hours and it was a pleasant view to see some tiny lights around the shore much around.

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