Instameet Mauritius: A day at Lux Belle Mare

So what is this ‘instameet’ thing? Instagram, the image sharing platform on smartphones, is quite popular nowadays. Basically it is just an image editing application linked to its own image hosting service which allows users to view, share, like and comment on each other’s images. Well, so what’s the deal? In July 2015, the Lux* Resorts of Mauritius organized an event where selected instagramers were invited to spend some time at one of their resorts, hence, the ‘instameet’. The first successful edition, as to what I came to know, was the Instameet of ‘Ile des Deux Cocos’, to which I was also invited and it was just awesome. From this, two other ‘instameets’ were organized to keep the pace, one at Tamassa Resort and the third one was at Lux Belle Mare, their best resort. A day to shoot and share.

What do we gain from that?

There has been some critics about these kind of events as to what do we get from that? Sure, it is certainly a marketing thing, and it’s no secret but as participants it is certainly a win-win situation. We take and publish images of the resort on our instagram account, but we also get to enjoy everything for the day; food, drinks, activities etc. The best part somehow remains that we get to meet other fellow instagrammers in person, not only virtually, and a certain friendship remains. As a part merit, from time to time the resort also promotes the images published, hence, more followers for the authors.

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