Porlwi By Light 2016 – People – Part 2

This Part 2 (Part 1 here) of my Porlwi By Light Trip is actually a combination of the two other consecutive days closing the event (Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December). Having not been able to complete all the attractions on the first day I was eager to continue the rest and came back again the other days but on the second day, while already being at the festival, heavy rain started falling all of a sudden and a change of plan was compulsory. Even the Organizers had to cancel the event for the rest of the night and it certainly was a wise decision.

Day 2

My itinery continued (from the first day) as follows below, with an unplanned part you will certainly notice in the galleries below.

Aapravasi Ghat

Again I started at the Aapravasi Ghat and moved towards the same route since on the first day I noticed a few things I missed, or which wasn’t there on the first day… This tree with hanging lights for example…

The Granary

I continued to the Granary afterwards and this time shot more pictures with a different camera for a different perspective.

Astrolab – Phoenix Street Music

The Port…and the Signal Mountain

This is actually where things got messy with the heavy rain while waiting for a nice spot to admire the water projection show…partly soaked, I decided to move out and return home since my gears were at risk. While on my way back, the rain stopped… and I decided to go up the Signal Mountain instead… spent some time taking pictures etc, and this is where I also came to know that the show was cancelled through friends on social media… After an hour I got back home, and this time in a heavier rain than before. Bad Day!

Day 3

This time I came with family, hoping that the weather would be favorable so that they could at least benefit from something and it seems that mother nature favored us this time… the nicest weather of the three days!!

The Port & The Granary

Since our vehicle was parked in Caudan, it was best to start with the Port. After the show we moved to the Granary.

The Military Hospital

After the Granary I also came to know about another art spot and went to the Military Hospital not too far away. There was this Giant Plastic Mushroom made out of plastic bottles and lights. A very beautiful piece of art which I loved very much.

Place D’Armes and the Company Gardens

After having dinner nearby, we moved to the Place D’Armes admiring the show (more images in Part 1) and officially continuing from where I stopped in my general tour we proceeded towards the Company Gardens. Queuing for like 20 minutes we finally got in and the light and sound show was amusing. Quite different from the first edition of Porlwi By Light this time it was rather art-sy…

The Port-Louis Fire Brigade

Moved further up in Poudriere Street and went towards the Old Prison but instead went to see the Fire Brigade which was also doing an open-door for the public, with the possibility for children to enjoy climbing in the fire trucks. I liked it.

The Town Hall & The Theatre

The Old Prison just opposite the Fire-Brigade was out of question seeing that VERY long queue waiting to get in. Instead headed towards the Theatre and along the way admired the artistic work done on the Municipal clock and how it was lit. Afterwards headed towards the Theatre and see the projection already elaborated here.

The Old Railway Hanger (IBL Parking)

This was actually the last spot on our list and walked back all the way to Caudan and thereon to the Parking hangar to view the light animation. Since I really enjoyed this particular one on the first day another visit would just be most welcome.

Here & There

This concluded my coverage of the second edition of the Porlwi By Light Festival and much enjoyed this new perspective the Porlwi team had in mind for this year. Am no expert, but only a regular visitor, and I wanted to write down some things I wanted to recommend to the organisers:
– Hawkers/Peddlers shouldn’t be allowed inside the Pedestrian path!! Lots of hawkers could be seen selling all kinds of stuffs, especially on John Kennedy Street. This created a havock during the rain and visitors had only a narrow path across the hawkers to move around, creating a serious bottle neck.
– Place D’Armes could benefit from more lights in the middle. According to me, compared to the first edition, Place D’Armes was a little empty and dark in the middle. Just anything lighting it up would be nice.

Overall, big thumbs up to the Porlwi team once again, and a special thumbs up to the artists for the genuine art! Those giant people on Place D’Armes were phenomenal!!

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