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Nightlapse at Bagatelle

It’s been quite some time that I’ve been wanting to do a video timelapse at night or sunset but during these winter days and most-of-the-time bad weather it wasn’t really the moment to consider that. Last Thursday, after a weird winter cyclone, the weather somewhat improved greatly and I decided to take my GoPro with me and try that. After work I waited some time before leaving towards Bagatelle, calculated enough to reach at or minutes before sunset.

The timing was just right and the weather was appealing as well. I fixed the GoPro on the rails at the middle of the flyover and moved some 15 meters away and controlled it via wifi. Standing next to the gopro would make the drivers below believe someone is observing them and attract attention, better play low.

I tried different settings and at the end, after some 30 minutes of shooting, I packed and went back home, somewhat satisfied with the result even though I could use some more tools (filters and so on), but for a start it was just O.K.

Embed video below… You might want to view at best quality!