75 Studio – Wedding of Danessa & Mooroogen – Jun 17

Some days back, together with 75 Studio Videography & Photography Services, I was to cover the photography side of the beautiful Tamil Wedding of Danessa & Mooroogen. The event followed mainly a three-days span from Saturday to Monday with the Wedding Eve at the Tamil League Hall at Reduit, early next day at 3am (Yes, 3AM) with the Safran Ceremony at the bride’s place, the Wedding Ceremony at 10am near Rose-Hill, followed by the Post-Wedding Photoshoot at the State House back in Reduit, and ending the night with the Reception at Brisee Verdiere. The final day, the Vindoo (Reception) at Tamil League again. Wedding highlights of Danessa & Mooroogen!

Wedding of Danessa & Mooroogen

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