75 Studio – Wedding of Daphné and Jonathan Oct 16

Well, first of all I want to point out that am no wedding photography expert and I just do my best to get things done. From time to time I work with 75 Studio Mauritius whenever they require my services and Friday last (28/10/16) we had to cover the very nice and lovely wedding of Daphné & Jonathan. We were two teams of two people, one photographer and one videographer on each side. I was to cover on the groom’s side until the ceremony where the whole team would be there. (hence missing images on the bride’s side of course)

The ceremony took place in the magnificent catholic church of Saint Therese, the Photoshoot session at Domaine des Aubineaux (Forest Side) and the Wedding Reception at Royal Garden in Beau Bassin. Highlights gallery below:

Wedding Gallery of Daphné and Jonathan

Video Highlights

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