75 Studio – Wedding of Sundheep & Amanda – AUG 17

Keeping this same pace, the second weekend of August followed by the very lovely Hindu wedding of Sundheep & Amanda. Together with 75 Studio Videography & Photography services we started the ceremonies on the groom’s side with the Tilak & Haldi at Beau Bassin on the first day, the Wedding Ceremony at the Tamil League in Reduit on the second day, which followed by the post-wedding photo-shoot at Telfair in Moka, and the last day ended with a very nice reception at the Royal Garden in Beau Bassin. Somehow, on the last day I switched to videographer mode, hence no images. Highlights below.

Tilak & Haldi Ceremony at Beau Bassin

Wedding Ceremony at Tamil League – Reduit

Post-Wedding Photoshoot at Telfair – Moka

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