75 Studio – Wedding of Ukshan & Neha – AUG 17

I’ve been sooooo busy lately that I couldn’t find time to update this blog with all those past weddings but better be slow in the updates than never…I guess. Well, during the month of August I had the nice opportunity together with 75 Studio Videography & Photography to cover the hindu wedding ceremony of Ukshan & Neha. The wedding preps spanned over three consecutive days starting with the Tilak, followed by the Haldi on the first day and the wedding ceremony at the bride’s place the next day. Since I was covering on the groom’s side, there was also the post-wedding reception at his place, and the Chawtaree (reception) on the last day at the bride’s place followed by the photo-shoot.

The overall ceremony went on very fine and what made me even happier was the fact that the last day’s photo-shoot was done on a private property of the bride’s acquaintance, and this revealed things I never imaged to come across; an old tramway dating back to the 1920s, the 120th car that came to the island, a Unic car of around 1915, and an old colonial house amongs the busy dwellings of Beau Bassin! Highlights below

Tilak Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception


Photo-shoot at Beau Bassin

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