75 Studio – Wedding of Vrigesh & Vaneesha – Jun 17

Well well well, those who know will know that these current months of June to November are wedding months and it is starting pretty well with the very lovely wedding of Vrigesh & Vaneesha held two weeks back and as usual, together with 75 Studio Videography & Photography Services, the team was to cover the various ceremonies through three consecutive days. I must say that this particular wedding took me by surprise because on the last day and during the reception, a surprise guest made a quick appearance and it happened to be one of my favorite local singers! Desiré Francois of Cassiya! Overall everything went on very fine and highlights below:

Mehendi & Geet Gawai

Bridal Preparations and Make-Up

The Wedding Ceremony

Photoshoot at Balfour Garden

The Reception


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