Climbing Le Pouce Mountain

Having recently climbed the Corps de Garde Mountain, the thrill was still present to continue this adventure for other mountains as well in Mauritius, and our (me and my two work colleagues) next attempt was for Le Pouce Mountain. Found in the region of St Pierre/Moka, this mountain has the reputation of being among the easiest, and that’s what I wanted to check. Normally, access can be via St Pierre or on the other side via Tranquebar, or ascend from one side and descend on the other. Somehow, since we had to consider parking for our vehicles it was decided that we would do these two different paths on two different occasions, and this attempt was for the St Pierre side, up and down.

We started the climb at 2h15pm and for a first feel everything was just as easy as walking in a park with some minor climbs…┬ánothing difficult. (Gallery Below)

Somehow, after some 30 minutes climb, we reached a plain where a good rest and the view would be most welcome, even though no sign of fatigue was felt. The steps that would follow after that can be described as the most difficult of this overall easy track; climbing the thumb part to the extreme top. After some efforts, we made it to the top which projected a wonderful view over the city of Port Louis. Somehow, on this specific day the wind was so strong that we couldn’t stay too long to admire the view.

After some 5-10 minutes we made our way back down, as easy as it was to make it up. All in all, it is a fairly easy climb and a satisfactory day.

Next on list: The Lion Mountain

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