DISCOVER: Iconic Chamarel Falls – Mauritius

Earlier at the beginning of this month I had plans to visit the famous Chamarel falls at… Chamarel. Taking the day off work I left home a little after noon towards the south and followed the fun road of Plaine Champagne until Chamarel village and some 30 minutes later I was almost already there. However, my plans were different, I didn’t just want to visit the famous waterfall as any other regular visitor but I wanted to go where actually the water runs down the cliffs. Challenge indeed since it was more of a discovery expedition, either following the river bank or hiking around.

Right Where the Water Falls

Unfortunately I won’t narrate about how I reached this place…since it involves trespassing through a private property… and some dangerous routes, but after some much trials I ended up precisely where I wanted! Right where the water falls down the cliff to the bottom. On the other side of the valley I could see tourists admiring their view, and me!

Droning at Chamarel Falls

Did I mention I also brought the drone with me?? After preparing the aerial vehicle, I took off through some difficult conditions and managed to get in the air with lots of caution due to trees around. I spent some time mostly doing videos, and only a few images. Since it was right over the river, lots of mosquitoes were feasting on me as well but the thrill of the discovery was far more exciting to feel any tingles. I think birds are fond of drones as well! While in the air, not only on this specific use but as a general notice, a couple of times some birds were flying AROUND the drone probably trying to distinguish this new species! I don’t mind… as long as they don’t get in contact with the propellers! Some 15 minutes later I packed back and returned to where I started.

A Regular Visitor

Back to the main road I went to the entrance of the ‘park’ where I came to know that access wasn’t free and upon settling a certain fee, which wasn’t too expensive, I followed the track to the visitor’s viewpoint to admire the waterfall from the other end. To say, it was one of the most beautiful falls of the island and having experienced both sides I was feeling proud of my little Mauritius. I did some more shots including some videos and also had a chat with the security officer at the park who started conversation on seeing the drone backpack… drones are not allowed within the park he said! Unless…

Back Home

Unfortunately this little trip spent me some 2 hours and it was already late afternoon when I decided to move back home and kept the other checkpoints for later! To say, the Chamarel Park isn’t only about the waterfall but also has the famous colored earth to visit but I kept this part for a second attempt due to time constraints.

UPDATED: A little video of my final trip

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