Mountain Bike (MTB) Ride: Macchabée Trail

Last Saturday me and Idriss decided to go MTB riding at the Macchabée Trail near Mare Aux Vacoas. Meeting was set near the reservoir early morning round 6h30 and it was already a very beautiful day when I reached there. We continued till the starting point by car where we unloaded the bicycles. Getting everything ready, tire pressure checked, we started the trail at 7am towards the viewpoint of Macchabée.

The Macchabée Trail isn’t at all a difficult one, except probably when it rains where the dense mud will certainly dominate, but summer sunny days were the best. After some 20 minutes ride we arrived at the first open view point. Time to take a quick rest, snap a few pictures and… suddenly we noticed a couple of green parrots much known as the Mauritian Parakeet strolling around in this open nature, but they were too quick to take their pictures, probably later during the stroll.

Back on the saddle and on track the ride became quite interesting and thrilling with some steep descends through some paved concrete area. It was certainly a nice ride, and we were enjoying ourselves quite much. Some 25 minutes later we reached the Macchabée Viewpoint, the place were usually hikers start climbing down the gorge up to the complete bottom ground level. At the same time came across a couple of hikers coming from below to this point, probably having started at the bottom to the top, and 15 minutes later we started our way back… Needless to say, those steep descends we enjoyed previously now became steep ascends, requiring to push the bicycles by foot instead.

We were supposed to continue the trail up to Mare Longue Reservoir but due to time constraints we decided to head back to the vehicles and start ealier on another occasion to complete this other part. On our way back we met with some other of these green birds and some more hikers/trailers and by 9am we were already at the parking lot packing up.

It was a wonderful ride and will certainly be coming back again very soon for some more adventure. For those who are wondering… I ride a 2007 Fuji Tahoe SL and Idriss rides a B-TWIN Rockrider 500 apparently…both hard-tail.

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