A Visit to Eau Bleue Waterfall

Having slept only 4 hours from last night, I was feeling rather tired for work the next morning and decided to take the day off. Somehow, a few adventure ideas came to my mind later during the day and again I packed everything and departed towards Cluny. This day’s adventure was to be an explore and discover moment as I haven’t been to this place before except having seen some images about it; Eau Bleue Waterfall.

At 10:00 am I reached the area and after finding my way in a narrow road towards a water pumping station behind which revealed a small waterfall approximately 3 meters high. I was amazed how the water appeared so blue and clear. It was also known to be a good diving/jumping spot without any signs of danger or major difficulties, of course, assuming a basic knowledge of swimming was required. Since I didn’t bring any clothes etc, I could only admire the view.

I spent some minutes taking a few shots and afterwards I went to search for another waterfall spot further down the river, as to what the watchman of the pumping station told me. With luck I ended exactly at a second path leading to another more beautiful spot, with a higher waterfall and a wider opening area. Looks like this one was less visited than the previous one and I spent another couple of minutes to take some more shots.

By then it was already noon and I decided to move out since I also had in mind to check the path leading to Tamarin Mountain/Tourelle du Tamarin as we had planned for a hike on the coming Sunday. An hour later I stopped at Cascavelle for a quick lunch before heading towards the Morcellement which led to the hiking path of ‘La Tourelle du Tamarin’.

I’ll continue this story on ‘Hiking La Tourelle du Tamarin

Concerning the Eau Bleue Waterfall, after some research later on, I discovered that there exists more than two waterfall spots along this same Eau Bleue River. Those I visited are geolocated here and here. The others I also spotted are geolocated here and here, but not visited yet. That will probably be in Part 2.

A little video of the 1st Place

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