EXPLORE: Walkthrough to Eau Bleue Waterfall

If you haven’t read my first post about Eau Bleue then no worry (or you can still click here to read about it) because in my first post I mentioned that there exists more than one waterfall along this Eau Bleue river and I could only visit the first and the second waterfall back then, but later-on I managed to check the others as well and this post would rather be a detailed walk-through about them all.

So, basically, Eau Bleue Waterfalls are found in the village of Cluny and the main river flows through Banane (the region where the Eau Bleue Reservoir is found), Cluny (where the famous waterfalls are found), La Val Nature Park (another interesting place if you haven’t visited yet), St Hubert, Riche En Eau and finally ending at Riviere des Creoles. Biensur, the name of the river changes through these different regions.

Waterfall #1

This one is right at the beginning of the first curve leaving the residential areas of Cluny, in a narrow road through the cane fields on the left leading to a water pumping station. This waterfall is pretty safe for swimming as the height of the waterfall is roughly round 2-3 meters, hence making the depth shallower and easier to manage. Once you jump in you can either climb back on the right side (shorter) or directly at the other end (longer), and repeat. [geolocation]

Waterfall #2

Once you continue through the main road again, as soon as you leave the water tanks, consider the next entrance through the cane fields on the LEFT. Leave vehicles here or park on the other side (easier) and cross the road to enter the cane fields towards the trees where you will find a small passage that leads to the bottom. The climb is not so difficult as long as it is not raining and this will lead to the most beautiful waterfall of the bunch (my preference of course). Swimming here might not be recommended as you will require walking through the water till the depth becomes swimmable and I noticed some iron bars sticking out in the water which might harm the foot, otherwise follow the other path on the left before climbing down to reach the upper part of the waterfall directly. [geolocation]

In Between

The river certainly continues its track with other minor waterfalls or water-drops I would say but venturing through the river bank or following the river track to the next waterfall might not be a good idea since there are lots of mosquitoes and heavy plants. I tried, and don’t recommend it.

Waterfall #3

After leaving the 2nd waterfall again through the main road, continue till you face a steep right curve to the right. Leave the first entrance you see on the left in the cane fields, and continue to the next one you see on the left. Park vehicles here and repeat the same step as the second one, that is, walk through the cane fields towards the trees until you see an entrance in between to climb down. Unfortunately this one is the most difficult to get down and much steeper too. You can see the waterfall through the trees while still above. I wouldn’t recommend getting down this one, I didn’t either, but this drone picture shows how it looks like roughly. [geolocation]

Eau Bleue Mauritius-Waterfall 3 Drone View

Eau Bleue Mauritius-Waterfall 3 Drone View

Waterfall #4

Follow the path along the trees for a 200 meters walk till you reach the last waterfall. The entrance is fairly easier to notice, with the first entrance leading to the top of the waterfall and the second entrance leading to the bottom where swimming is more accessible. Climbing down with the help of the roots of the trees you will fairly easily reach the rocks on the bank. You can either admire the magnificent view or undress for a swim. As a safe measure, if you don’t know how to swim or don’t want take any risk, stay on the lower edges, since the depth is around 5 meters for this waterfall. It is also the most visited since the entrance is easier to find with the bottom entrance right next to the main road. If you are daredevil enough you can climb down the entrance to the top then dive in, and repeat. Depending on when the last rain occurred the water level and flow will vary accordingly. I prefer normal sunny days where the water is calm and with less current. [geolocation]

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