Porlwi By Light 2016 – People – Part 1

One of the highly anticipated events of the year 2016 is certainly Porlwi by Light. After a very successful first edition, this year they are back in this early month of December (2 – 4 December) and the theme is concentrated on #people… and for sure it was, since there were so many #people on this very first day of the festival and much more compared to the first day of last year!! Just kidding, the theme ‘People’ this year relates more to the personalities of the country through the years; those people who have made history in a sense or another, and the other aspect of multiculturality of Mauritius.

Quote from Porlwi
“This year’s theme, ‘People’, stems from the desire to start a dialogue surrounding our identity, multicultural coexistence and the fate of our historic capital, Port Louis. The second edition places people at the heart of cities, for cities are fundamentally tied to its dwellers –those who inhabit its corners, streets and buildings, and those who drift in and out daily. Port Louis with its palm-laced avenue, waterfront, narrow streets, winding streets, paved and cobblestone streets, is where all communities come together. It is truly the gateway to Mauritius. ‘People’ is about instilling a renewed energy into our capital, our heritage. It is a celebration of culture, essential to city joys.” – porlwi.com

As usual, event not to be missed, on this first day I was already in Port Louis at 5h45pm all geared-up and the event was timed from 7pm to midnight. Traffic will certainly be an issue and better be early! I started at the far end at Aapravasi Ghat and thereon moved throughout the other sites. I couldn’t complete everything on this first day and lost some time hiding from an occasional rain which unfortunately made things messy. So there will be a part 2. Galleries below!!

The Aapravasi Ghat

This place has been decreted an National Heritage Site and it commemorates the arrival of the very first Indentured Labourers in Mauritius.

The Granary

The Granary is basically a very large warehouse created for the storage of commodities like grains and other stuffs in the past, but is now no longer used as such.

The Port/Harbour

Port Louis, from the very sense of the word is the harbour of the island named after King Louis back in the 18th century. The place where all trades and activities are inbound.

The Old Railway Hangar (now IBL Parking space)

Back in those days where the railway transport was still in operation, this place was where those trains were loaded and unloaded with goods in comparison to the passenger station not far away.

La Place D’Armes

This alley enclosed in between palm trees and others leads to the Government House and is considered the very heart of the city.

The Government House

One of the oldest surviving building of Mauritius, serving as Administration place for the Governors then, now also includes the National Assembly on the other side.

Porlwi by Light - The Government House

Porlwi by Light – The Government House

The Municipal Theatre

Now abandoned, or neglected rather, this place was once the joy of the city, the place where all theatrical practices took place.

Sir William Newton Street

The Caudan Waterfront

Porlwi by Light

The Whereabouts

Part II continues here.

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